We make training programmes for your hospitality organisation future-proof

Functions and roles of employees in the hospitality sector are changing. That is why we are working on a new vision of changes in Human Capital in this sector. This vision will lead to a Human Capital research agenda. Part of this research agenda will be developing - together with the sector - certified training programmes. In this way, we will provide a framework for Lifelong Learning.  

We make personnel policy in the hospitality sector future-proof by focusing on: 

  • Driving forces behind changes in personnel policy 
  • Sustainable employability
  • Scenarios for the future work environment 

Lifelong Learning in leisure, tourism and hospitality 

Employees bring out the best in themselves when they have control over their own development. Human Capital and sustainable employability are therefore high on policy-making agendas. The Dutch government has asked the sector to act vigorously on the development of Lifelong Learning programmes. 

Why should the sector take Human Capital developments seriously?

  1. Employees consider their career development important and what’s more, they want to have control over this process 
  2. The sector can only really benefit from growth and development opportunities through excellent employees 
  3. Investments in Lifelong Learning are fiscally attractive 


The doctoral research project of Annemiek van der Schaft was initiated with our help. The research is carried out among managers and employees in the travel industry. Annemiek van der Schaft is aiming to provide an insight into what they are experiencing in the process of technological innovation in the workplace, which particular moments matter, and how employees form their own change strategies and responses.

We would like to help you develop your training programme.