Become our partner in addressing your visitor management challenges

The tourism sector is characterised by substantial growth. Tourism worldwide accounts for one in ten jobs. Consequently, tourism is the biggest economic sector in the world. There are also downsides to this growth. In various cities and regions, this growth has led to visitor pressure and an imbalance between social and economic impact.

Problems of overtourism 

Many tourist destinations do not have an insight into the tourism-related problems nor into the solutions. We have years of experience in research into overtourism focusing on: 

  • The extent of visitor pressure perceived in cities and regions
  • Data, insights and methods for cities and regions to take control over visitor flows 
  • Innovative solutions to arrive at sustainable tourism development 

Our solutions for sustainable urban tourism 

We conducted two large-scale research projects focusing on visitor pressure in twelve European cities. These cities now benefit from: 

  • Data and insights
  • Directions for practical solutions 
  • Dozens of practicable strategies

Cooperation on visitor flows 

Together with partners at regional, national and international level, we are working on data, insights and methods to arrive at a sustainable development perspective: 

  • The handbook “Overtourism? Understanding and managing urban tourism growth beyond perceptions” together with UNWTO in which we offer cities a toolkit with directions for solutions and strategies to manage visitor flows 
  • The Smart City Hospitality concept together with European public authorities and universities aimed at sustainable tourism development 
  • The Data & Development Lab Destinatie Nederland together with NBTC Holland Marketing and CBS (Statistics Netherlands) to facilitate sustainable development of the Netherlands as a tourist destination 
  • Setting up data cooperation programmes with regional Destination Marketing Organisations to obtain insights into tourism development 

We would like to be your partner in addressing your visitor management challenges.