Symposium Monitoring Water Recreation: Towards a joint approach


On Friday, June 21, 2019, the symposium "The state of water recreation in the Netherlands" took place in Utrecht. This first edition of the symposium was intended, among other things, to exchange the results of recent water recreation research with professionals from the water (recreation) sector and to build a joint knowledge agenda and a sustainable knowledge network on the theme of water recreation research.

The importance of data

Menno Stokman was one of the key note speakers. In his contribution "Perspective on the importance of up-to-date and reliable data", he discussed the importance of good cooperation and the crucial role of data. With various figures about the expected growth of tourism and the hospitality sector in the Netherlands, Stokman provided the consequences of not being prepared for this, or relying on incorrect or incomplete data. Policymakers can steer expected developments in the right direction and can evaluate the impact of growth only by means of monitoring and with the correct factual information. CELTH does this in various ways at regional and national level. Not only by advising but also with an active role in the national Data Alliance and Data and Development Lab.

 Monitoring, data and knowledge sharing

The symposium was organised by Waterrecreatie Nederland in collaboration with MOCO and CELTH. Chairman of the day Jan Douwe Kroeske opened the symposium together with Marleen Maarleveld, director of Water Recreation in the Netherlands and Bertus van der Tuuk, Project Leader of the Monitoring Consortium (MOCO) that investigates the relationship between sailing recreation and nature in the Wadden Sea. In addition to three plenary keynotes, various work sessions were organised, all on the subject of monitoring, data and knowledge sharing.