The innovative potential of tourism


"Traveling is the new smoking" is the title of a recent Tegenlicht documentary. The negative consequences of tourism are emphasised every day in newspapers, policy reports and scientific articles. Tourism has become guilty entertainment and the call for solutions has not gone unnoticed. Before we go into solution modes or shame tourism, we want to investigate whether tourism can make a positive contribution to our thinking about the future of

  • urban governance and policy
  • the city and the nation-state
  • democracy
  • planning and design.

Tourism as a lens to look at the world from a different perspective

Tourism can help us gain a better understanding of how to manage and design the cities of the future. By not seeing tourism as a problem but as a lens to look at the world, we can use it in a positive way to look for solutions for society in the future. By taking mobility as a starting point and by considering and investigating its implications for identity, governance and policy. Of course, there is no guarantee that this will lead to solutions that work. However, such a perspective offers more options for using tourism in a positive way than the current negative rhetoric and plaster solutions for problems that seemingly are solved before they are sufficiently understood.

Please read the complete article written by Martijn Duineveld en Ko Koens here.