How will technology change our future?


Product innovation is, of course, easy to link to technological developments. As we have seen in the tourism sector, major technological shifts can have really disruptive effects. As a result of apps like TripAdvisor and travel agents have almost completely disappeared and Business Models have changed dramatically. At the Travel Technology Europe fair in London, we have an opportunity to see the state of the art at this moment.

The possible future of VR-games

Around Christmas time I was invited to the launch party of a VR-game called Exodus Burned. Here I got a preview of the possible future of VR-games. You play this game with your whole body being the controller. A headset combined with a vest using Wi-Fi-based tracking technology allows you to move free and active in any given space, even outdoors.

Star Trek’s vision of the future

The combination of these technologies creates an environment where you can see that, once this becomes a little bit smaller and easier to wear, can revolutionise what is possible in creating some superb experiences anywhere anytime. The whole experience made me think of the Holodeck as introduced in the Star Trek series in the nineties. In an empty cargo bay, a computer-generated environment was created for leisure and recreation. Much like AR technology is capable today in attractions like The Void.

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