The future of group accommodations


Group accommodations are an important part of the tourist-recreational sector. Just like the entire tourist-recreational sector, group accommodations have to deal with all kinds of future changes (demographic, economic, social, technological, ecological and political). To respond to these changing circumstances there is a need for knowledge and information. The problem is that the required knowledge is often lacking; far too little is known about this specific form of accommodation, information is often fragmented and the most recent strategic vision regarding group accommodations dates back to 20 years ago.

A new strategic vision

For brancheorganization Groupsaccommodation Netherlands (GAN) this was the moment to come up with a new strategic vision. GAN turned to CELTH for providing expertise from the Universities of Applied Sciences. On behalf of the European Tourism Future, researchers Jasper Heslinga, Wyb de Boer, Ben Wielenga and Albert Postma have sought collaboration with Breda University (researcher Erik van Nuland). Together they used different research methods, organised sessions in the regions and a national session, and worked closely with the client.

What needs to be taken into account for the future?

The full report can be downloaded below (only in Dutch) and here are four important points that need to be taken into account for the future;

  1. Strengthening brand awareness and the image of group accommodations, investing in the marketing of today's largest markets, strengthening the organization of marketing by the sector itself.
  2. Investing in quality and innovation at the accommodations, more attention to arrangements, more attention to experience at the companies, working on strengthening entrepreneurship.
  3. Focus on opportunities for promising markets such as the foreign market and joint processing of niche markets.
  4. Strengthening the position in markets without overnight accommodation. Group accommodations lend themselves perfectly to daytime recreation with hospitality, such as family parties, business day packages and sometimes also congresses and parties.