ETOA partners with CELTH on ‘overtourism’ and sustainable destination management


ETOA is a leading trade association for tour operators and suppliers in European destinations. Over 1200 members deliver more than €12 bn of business annually within Europe and include tour and online operators, intermediaries and wholesalers; European tourist boards, hotels, attractions, technology companies and other tourism and business service providers. ETOA has both lobbied on behalf of its members on issues around tourism capacity management and advised cities on tourism strategies.

Working together towards sustainability and local engagement

Our work closely matches ETOA’s work on sustainability and local engagement. ETOA’s members, whether they are operators selling European city cultural tourism in markets worldwide, or supply chain members - who include destination management organisations and national tourist offices - have a vested interest in ensuring cities remain appealing and viable places to live, work and visit and this is also at the heart of ETOA’s policy work.

ITB Berlin 2019

We contribute our knowledge of demonstrated good practice as Professor Dr Albert Postma joins a keynote panel at year’s ITB 2019: Overtourism Revisited: Best Demonstrated Practices Instead Of “Business As Usual”. Furthermore, we host a subsequent session ‘Overtourism: Smart Control Via Digital Technologies’ in co-operation with UNWTO.

For more information about ETOA please contact Jules Ugo or Frances Tuke. If you have more information about the new industry partnership please contact Menno Stokman.