Developing new opportunities for professionals in the leisure industry


Together with industry association CLC-VECTA, we will conduct research into the development opportunities of professionals in the live communication industry. The reason for conducting this research is the importance of a Lifelong Development of employees in the branch of organisers and suppliers of fairs, congresses and (business) events. The research will provide insight into the opportunities for young talent/employees to continue to develop and into how companies and employees can respond to new opportunities in this market.

Creating innovative solutions

The research is conducted on the basis of a Design Approach, in which stakeholders are creatively challenged to come up with innovative solutions. Design Thinking is characterised by the fact that information is centred around the user, and that iteratively works towards a solution or value proposition. This is how personas are developed based on conversations and observations; these are used to communicate needs and motivations in a personal way. In addition, future scenarios will be developed to align education with developments in the industry and trends.

Collaboration with experts

The research is being conducted by Breda University of Applied Sciences and the Hospitality Management & Experience Design research group. They do this in collaboration with experts from NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and HZ University of Applied Sciences and CLC-VECTA and its members. Xander Lub, professor of Hospitality Management & Experience Design at Breda University of Applied Sciences, is leading the research project.