Data & Development Lab in the Netherlands


In 2018, Statistics Netherlands, NBTC Holland Marketing and CELTH joined forces in the 'Data & Development Lab'. Furthermore, Google and Schiphol have also expressed their interest in contributing to this platform. Together with these partners, it is now possible to gain an insight into visitor behaviour during the entire travel cycle as a basis for, among other things, demand management and supply innovation.

Data & Development Lab

With the Data & Development Lab, CBS, NBTC and CELTH collect data and knowledge for the purpose of gaining faster and continuous insight into national and international visitor flows quicker and more continuously. "This data and knowledge are needed, for example, to be able to help to shape direction of growing number of international visitor numbers," says Jos Vranken, director of NBTC. Within the platform, parties make use of both existing and new data sources and techniques, in order to obtain current insights that can contribute to the development of the Netherlands.

From data to the development

The lab goes beyond the mere process of developing new data. The data developed are supposed to lead to insights and underpinning for being able to make choices with regard to the management and distribution of visitors. In addition, there is a need for vision building and methodologies that contribute to a structured and orchestrated future development of the Netherlands. Menno Stokman: "With the Lab, we want to gain an insight into the preconditions for sustainable development of the Netherlands as a hospitality destination, enabling us to support the sector with knowledge, methodologies and tools."