The contribution of tourism to the quality of life in the Netherlands


At the National Tourism Summit 2018, NBTC launched Holland Marketing Perspective 2030, a new vision for the Netherlands destination. Due to the fact that the Netherlands expects a growth of international tourists by 50% by 2030, a new approach is required, as tourism need to contribute to the liveability of tourists, entrepreneurs as well as residents of the Netherlands.

Need for up-to-date, new and complete data

The Perspective 2030 provides insights and data composed by different experts from various sectors by means of which governments can develop effective policies and entrepreneurs can become more competitive. According to the Perspective 2030, current data sources are often, especially on a local level, not entirely compatible. Therefore, there is a need for up-to-date, new and complete data. However, this does not only involve data about visitor numbers and their behaviour, as a broader set of insights is needed. Therefore, tourists are no longer the only group that needs to be measured.

What insights are needed regarding tourism and the liveability?

The inhabitant is a logical “suspect”. Often media shows a local resident who is affected by the growing tourism. However, as the public discourse shifts towards the negative impacts of tourism on the local society, the reality is most likely more complex. In order to know what the impact of tourism is on a destination, we also need to collect data about the experience of local residents.

How do we measure the impact of tourism on the liveability?

In case of measuring the livability, we should broaden our minds and also think in terms of nature, labour market, infrastructure and facilities.  These elements are all related to the liveability, but the elements which would and could be measured depend on our ambition in terms of tourism contributing to the liveability of the Netherlands.