CELTH research about technological changes receives an award


Annemiek van der Schaft is one of the PhD students who is partly funded by CELTH. Her research is aiming to find innovative and sustainable answers to the challenges in the travel industry. In November 2018 her research received the 'Highly Commended PhD Paper Award' during the EUROchrie Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Experiencing technological innovations in the workplace

This price was as 'runner-up' recognition issued by the Dublin Institution of Technology and Emerald Group Publishing Limited for promising research of young talent. The research focuses on the employee experience of technological innovations in the workplace. This paper can be seen as an important research for an industry that is constantly and rapidly changing. Annemiek is regularly sharing the insights of this research in White papers and in meetings.

Raising awareness

Annemiek about the price: "this recognition is, of course, great and it spreads the awareness about the outcomes of our work. I think the whole industry is struggling with the question of how employees are included in the current changes and that everyone realises that their contribution is crucial for successful change. And of course many thanks to CELTH for the support of this research project!"

Xander Lub is her first attendant, in addition, Omar Solinger (VU Amsterdam) and Beatrice van der Heijden (Radboud University) are involved.