Striking a balance between tourism and the human environment

12 September
Den Haag

The expected doubling of inbound and domestic tourism by 2030 is likely to have a substantial impact on the human environment. We are joining a public meeting during which the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Rli) will present the advisory report. The advisory report offers recommendations to municipalities, provinces and the government for the implementation of tourism policy and presents the policy instruments that can be used for this.

Possible questions to be addressed 

  • How can we achieve balanced growth of inbound and domestic tourism in the Netherlands based on an integrated perspective that considers the interrelationships between economic development, the human environment and society as a whole? 

  • Which roles must be played by the parties involved (government authorities, entrepreneurs, residents and knowledge institutes) to realize such a balance, and which tools would be effective? What role can the central government and other government authorities play?