The Centre of Expertise Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality (CELTH) is one of the 30 Centres of Expertise in the Netherlands. The initiative to found it was taken by universities of applied sciences, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate. Its goal is to encourage public-private partnerships between universities of applied sciences and industry partners.

Expanding knowledge of leisure, tourism and hospitality

CELTH is the only Centre of Expertise within the domain of leisure, tourism and hospitality. Our knowledge centre was set up by Breda University of Applied Sciences, NHL Stenden University and HZ University of Applied Sciences. Other institutes and universities outside and inside the hospitality sector are also cooperated with on a project basis.

Our goal

Both at a national and international level, we want to help market parties, destinations and industry to make choices for conscious sustainable development. We do so by linking universities of applied sciences within the domain of leisure, tourism and hospitality. We match the several types of expertise, professors, researchers and students to clients and their development issues.

Who are we?

CELTH consists of a team of senior researchers, project managers and programme managers who are deeply involved with the hospitality sector. It is in our DNA to connect parties to make a difference together.

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Knowledge institutes are getting more and more important in tackling social issues at a regional, national and European level. Think, for example of Sustainable Development Goals. Universities of Applied Sciences and their Centres of Expertise are pre-eminently equipped to contribute to tackling these issues with practice-based research. To be able to meet this task, research funding needs to be increased. - Strategic Agenda 2019-2023, Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences