CELTH is part of the knowledge infrastructure in the Netherlands within the domain of Leisure, Tourism & Hospitality. Research projects and researches in the Netherlands and outside the country function as a lab whose knowledge, insights and tools can be made use of elsewhere. Herewith, together with the universities of applied sciences, we have a leading international position in the field of sustainable development and resilient strategies of destinations and industry. CELTH functions as a funnel: a connector of networks between demand & market and expertise & education.

Resilient sector through knowledge and research

We constantly bring together knowledge in knowledge hubs. In these hubs, we cooperate with national and international entrepreneurs,(local) authorities and social organisations. Our aim is to strongly contribute to a future-proof further development of the sector with knowledge and research by cooperating between the market and education. By strongly focusing on new assignments and efforts to be made by professors, lecturers and students, we directly ensure that education is updated regularly.

Knowledge development in the Netherlands

As a knowledge partner, we as representative of Dutch research and knowledge institutes are part of the Taskforce Samenwerking Gastvrijheidssector founded recently. In this taskforce, the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, the Association of Provincial Authorities (IPO) on behalf of the provinces, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG), sector organisations and research & knowledge institutes continuously collaborate in the field of corporate support, sustainable development and the required research and knowledge development.

Our international partners

We closely collaborate with UNWTO at an international level. In 2019, we entered a partnership with the European Tourism Association (ETOA), the European Travel Commission (ETC) en NECSTouR in the field of sustainable tourism development. CELTH is also a knowledge partner of European Cities Marketing.